Furniture ready-to-go and perfect for re-purpose/upcycling! 
Numerous household items of all kinds, Lots of Xmas decor,
Tools, Vintage & Collectible items, pottery, glassware and more.
Many more items and categories too numerous to mention.
over 3,000 sq ft of stuff !

This rummage sale is being held inside
the Moe Auction Center
located at:

324 Summit Ave., Center City, MN
Moe Auction Service LLC
330 Summit Avenue, P.O. Box 508
Center City, MN 55012
Phone: (651) 257-9119
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Thursday Nov 30th - Sunday Dec 3rd

Hours are: Thurs - Sat 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm
Pictures below show a few views of this sale
Moe Auction
Notice of large rummage sale being held at the auction center
This Sale is conducted by
"Little Bit Shop"

(Rummage sale is by the "Little Bit Shop" and is not affiliated
with Moe Auction Service)
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